Personality Crushes

Have you ever met one of those people that you just can’t get enough of?  They may not be the funniest or the smartest or the most charming, but you’re always excited when you see them and always enjoy talking to them?

I don’t mean general friends here.  I love hanging out with my friends.  When I need to see a movie or a ride to the airport, they’re always there.  I enjoy the time I spend with them and look forward to events that will bring us together in the future.  But these people are people that you begin to miss when they’re not around.  People that make your life warmer and so you want to seek them out constantly.  I call them personality crushes.

I’ve met a few people like that in my life.  Some have been my friends and I lived with one once, but mostly they’re just friendly acquaintances you can’t see all that often.  There might be a correlation with that: if you saw them enough you’d be more likely to stop thinking of them as special.  But I think the biggest factor is the fact that almost all of the people we’ve ever met aren’t in our current social circle.  [1]I’m assuming my readers aren’t still in high school.  If they are… well, you’ll see.  So there’s a lot of lame people you don’t see anymore, but there’s also a few of these personality crushes.

I always wonder about whether I’m someone else’s personality crush.  I mean, I know I have been.  People have told me almost as much in the past.  But because I didn’t have a word for it then, I just smiled and went on with my life.  Which sucks, if you think about it, because that means that I don’t often reciprocate other people’s personality crushes.

I guess that’s the way the numbers have to work out.  It just sucks that that’s the case, doesn’t it?

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1. I’m assuming my readers aren’t still in high school.  If they are… well, you’ll see.

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2 Responses to Personality Crushes

  1. moof says:

    yesh. you are a long-distance personality crush of mine. I think about you when someone cracks an inappropriate joke that I think you’d laugh at, and also whenever I see a cool pair of socks, and also when I read one of your posts and something reminds me of it during the day.

    And the socks are like, you know how the wheat reminds the fox of the little prince ‘cos he has golden hair? Socks remind me of you. Before, they had no special meaning; but since I’ve known you, they make me smile ‘cos I think of you!! 😀

  2. Josh says:

    I dont know how to quit you! lol, yeah man personality crushes are interesting little twinges… ok I dont know what I’m talking about…

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