Advice is context-relative

Profile 1: A person with a failed marriage, an unwanted child, and many regrets of time wasted and relationships lost.

Profile 2: A person in a successful relationship, in a career that gives them time and challenges, facing future obstacles, but loving their life at the moment.

Profile 3: A person in a happy relationship, with very-loved children, who has seen the worst of the worst, but has prevailed through tenacity and talent.

Question: Is it likely that when you ask them for advice in a certain situation, they will all give you identical advice?  It depends on the situation somewhat, but generally the answer will be ‘no.’

Prima Facie Analysis: In choosing who to ask for advice, you are essentially prejudicing the chances of your future actions.  A person who has lived through more shades of moral gray area will tend to be more permisive than one who has never found themselves in questionable situations.

Concern: Sometimes there are some people you just can’t ask for advice.  Sometimes you only have one or two people you can ask for advice.

Worry: Some people only surround themselves with happy people.  Some people only surround themselves with funny or smart people.  Some surround themselves with yes-men.

Secunda Facie Analysis: The type of person you are has a huge impact on who you feel comfortable with, which has a huge impact on who your friends and consiglieres are….  which could be absolutely terrible..

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