Sleep– My Bane

Note: relatively long post. First time visitors to this blog should go away. Possibly to barely-legal, the blog.

Humans spend one third of their life asleep. Not all at once, mind you, you can’t go to sleep at 50, wake up at 80, and die at 90. It just doesn’t work that way. If it did, your television, radio, and computer would be long gone when you woke up. Also, your credit rating would be shot. And you’d have to go to the bathroom like nobody’s business. Furthermore, you’d spend the next ten years returning phone calls and fighting bugs and weeds.

Last night I slept for 18 hours. The night before that I slept not at all. In fact, I stopped working on the Pix Capacitor at around 9:31 a.m. And even then I only stopped because I had to go pick up my friends so that we could go take our finals at school.

Speaking of which, at 10:30 yesterday I had my Pro-PATRIOT Act debate (which took the place of a final in my American Political Issues class). I am avidly against the PATRIOT Act. I’ve researched the thing and been scared to death by the bloody concept. So when I was assigned to be for it, I nearly flipped.

Being that I’m staunchly Pro-privacy and civil liberties, you’d think that I’d have done my research, right? Nope. As it so happens, the night I had set aside to study for my final was also the night I set aside to work on the Pix Capacitor.

So I didn’t study for the final. I didn’t even pretend to study. All I had to work with were things I’d looked up on the opposite side the year before.

So yeah, I kicked major ass. I’ll give you the play by play later.

Or rather earlier, as I’m going to backlog the post date to say Tuesday. 🙂

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  1. Haha, It’s so much easier to talk than it is to listen to people. So far, I haven’t pre-prepared a speech for vocab speech this year yet.

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