Oh, and I met a Communist

It turns out that I have a talent at picking universities. At the last one, I arrived on exchange just as the president resigned without warning and the teachers threatened to strike.

This time, I’m in a Uni that hasn’t had a newspaper in 15 years (product niche, here we come!), hasn’t had legitimate elections for student body representatives in 3 years, and was suckered out of $10,000 in activity fees for the student body president to get legal advice. Oh, and the students have been forbidden to attend their student council (despite the fact that the very first bylaw in the books states the opposite). Furthermore, a teacher recently said that black people were less intelligent than whites AND there’s legislation going through congress saying that student fees for activities should be voluntary, which sounds nice until you realize that just about every subsidized club and group would get the shaft and this campus would turn about as dry as school in summer-time (which is December through February, I hear).

So I protested.

I marched downtown with several thousand Aussies and protested.

It was great. I love fighting for things that I might or might not believe in if they ever affected me.

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