“En la vida todo te regresa”

Karma is a good philosophy to live by. I say that because I think that a society in which everyone believes in karma is more likely to be nicer, easier and happier than a society which believes in the opposite.

However, I also think Karma is a personal philosophy. While I personally don’t believe in karma, I act (for myself) as if karma actually existed. I am nice to strangers, over tip waitresses, and haven’t poisoned Halloween candy in years!

That— I think— is how karma should be practiced.

Now let me give you some examples of how karma should not be practiced:

Scene #1

  • A businessman steals another businessman’s idea and makes a fortune. The second businessman is frustrated, but relieved because he believes that the first businessman’s actions will come back to him.

Scene #2

  • A shop owner unwisely extends a line of credit to a customer who never pays up. The shop owner is annoyed, but figures karma will pay him back for his good nature and pay the customer back for his own miserliness. The shop owner is vague about whether he expects actual payment or is talking in the universal grand scheme of things.

Scene #3

  • An elderly man develops colon cancer. His neighbors figure he must have done something bad in a previous life. His ex-wife figures he is getting his just deserts from all of his bad actions throughout his life. His son reinvents his life to do good actions for fear of ending up like his father.

Tune in tomorrow for a wonderful explanation for who is wrong in these scenes and why. Hopefully, you’ll rethink your life after this, but if you don’t, hopefully all of my hard work will come back twice-fold for all of my good actions.

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