Hierarchy of Music

  1. Live
  2. Radio
  3. CD
  4. In a movie
  5. On your computer
  6. In your head
  7. Someone else singing it

The reason radio is above CD is because there is so much F’ing crap on the Radio. I spend about 80% of my time scanning through the stations for a song that I really want to hear. So when I find a good song, I enjoy it god damn it!

Sadly, that rarely happens… Sometimes I even stop on a station if they’re playing Gwen Stefani! Other times I just listen to talk and public radio, because there’s an outside chance I might learn something.

Is that lame?

I mean, I don’t always listen to talk radio, sometimes I go on a three-dozen hour road trip by myself and think.

It’s great.
I always entertain myself.
Oh, and nobody’s submitted a background yet. C’mon, people, this is your blog too!

Update: Thanks moofruot for the tip. I’ll see how it settles in as the index page before I repaginate my entire blog, though, if that’s alright..

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Pixel Q. Styx refuses to talk about himself. If thou wishest, thou may infer from his blog what thou wishest.

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3 Responses to Hierarchy of Music

  1. moof says:

    I’ve recently discovered the euphoria of surround-sound… so my list would read:

    – live
    – surround-sound DVD/CD
    – on your computer
    – in your head
    – someone else singing it/radio (tied for lousiness)

    I can’t stand talk radio. Not that I don’t enjoy hearing other people’s opinions and other perspectives, but most of the time it’s all the same perspective, and/or some idiot who the host wants to mock and/or perpetuate a stereotype. Frustrating to listen to, ‘cos it’s supposed to be a medium for open discussion and democracy, but it’s all really contrived.

  2. moof says:

    melikes 😀

    it’s like… the actualization of a manifestation of the Sphere. Ooo I will now visualize Pixelation in a bright pink mumu with yellow elephants on the front. THERE IT IS!!! Ha! I have The Power!!!

  3. Songs almost always sound better in my head.

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