Why I am better than you at age 10

Hey guys! It’s Pixel at age 10 here with a message of why I’m so cool. You probably know that, but you also probably did not know that this means I’m cooler than you. It’s true!

Here are five reasons:

  1. I can spell complecated words better than you. My teacher always marks them wrong because she thinks my w’s look like tuuo u’s, but that’s just because my cursive letters look wierd.
  2. I can swing really high on the swings. Allot of people think that this is lame because I swing with my friend Cassandra and she’s a girl, but she’s really cool. So, because I’m one of those people that reaches across gender lines, I’m cooler than you.
  3. I read big books. Some of the books I read are 300 pages or more! Also, I wrote a really cool poem the other day that my teacher wanted to hang outside the classroom. It was an acrostic. I’m thinking of becoming a famous poet.
  4. I play soccer. I’m on defense. We haven’t won a game yet, but my dad’s the coach and that’s cool.
  5. I don’t have braces, leggings, bangs, or listen to country music. Plus, I could maybe make fun of you for that. This stupid, ugly girl, DeeDee, and I have ‘yo momma’ contests all the time. I don’t win, because all of my jokes I take from her, but I can definitely make fun of other people now. It’s good training.

So, in conclusion, because I have all kinds of self-awareness and write regular articles for the future, I am cooler than you. Too bad for you. It’s sad, really.

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