A Pass is a Pass is a Pass

I studied for a semester in Pennsylvania. Every item I turned in, regardless of how much effort I put into it, received a 100%. The teachers loved me and my classes were easy.I’m studying for a semester in New South Wales. I’ve turned in two items so far and each one has received a Pass (between a D and a low C). And it doesn’t seem to matter how much effort I put into it.

WTF? The assignments aren’t any harder and my writing isn’t any worse. Could it just be that I don’t know what they’re looking for? If so, this could be a rather annoying round of essays..

Luckily, my grades are irrelevant. Check this out:

  1. I have a scholarship that pays for my entire tuition and fees.
  2. To keep this scholarship I need to keep up a 3.5 GPA.
  3. Next semester will be the last semester I have this scholarship, whether I fail or pass.
  4. My grades here will not arrive in time for it to affect whether I lose my scholarship.
  5. I will keep my scholarship regardless.
  6. Furthermore, even if this weren’t the case, my grades transfer as Pass/Fail, so nothing I do here will even affect my Uni GPA!

If life weren’t so terrible, it’d be utterly fantastic.

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  1. Pix,

    thx for the link to the “blogspammer” post. As for the Rev., the spelling is deliberate. You have to know how Latin works to know why he did it that way.

    Before I totally piss you off with an off-topic comment, let me add that I hope that the lack of positive reinforcement at the hands of the subjective academics doesn’t demotivate you. In other words, if you don’t set a high standard for yourself, don’t expect anyone else to do it for you.

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