I knew if he kept at it, he’d come up with something of consequence

Quoth the Gabe:

‘you know who I hate? People who say “you know who I hate” then go on to describe an irrelevant characteristic or mannerism. That’s not a who, that’s a what! If you’re going to hate someone for something, hate them for something that’s their fault, like being short or having a terminal illness!

Those sentences should start “you know what I dislike.” That way, when they say something you do, you know to change that. Otherwise, you’re just standing there feeling like a doofus wondering (1) if you do that, (2) if they’ve seen you do that, and (3) if they’ll remember that they’ve seen you to that.
Because if they find out that you do that, it’ll be the end of your relationship. I mean, how can you be friends with somebody you hate?

Unless, of course, they say, “I don’t mean you, I’m talking about people that do [insert razor-thin distinction here],” which never makes it better and leaves you both feeling stupid.’

I actually enjoy hearing people say that, because it’s always such a personal thing that they think or assume you share with them, but at the same time it’s like they’re saying it to themselves.

People are funny. Then again, a person who took more offense might think that they’re just self-centered and judge-mental (ha ha, I like that spelling, ha ha).

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