Ode to Haley

Oh Haley, dear Haley.
You 16-year old chick Sagittarius who is currently unemployed in the lucrative fashion field of Wenatchee, Washington!!
I tried to be considerate, but I did Fail-ee,
So now I’m writing a poem to express my utmost sorrow to a girl I barely know in a state that only vaguely rhymes with Smawshington!!

Haley swims and likes sports!
And though she would prefer to be expandable than flexible, she still makes time to listen to ashlee simpson, the killers, and nirvana,
she makes time to write in a blog with her co-horts!
And this line somehow rhymes with Nirvana!!

Dear Haley, oh Haley, my dear,
You like a crazy assortment of movies, all of which are awesome in their own right
But never fear–
A 45-year old guy from Minnesota is here!!

hmm… I usually write better odes. I must be off today. Still, I apologize for attacking your beliefs. I had thought that I could ‘enlighten’ someone, but obviously, I failed miserably. Well, perhaps next time I won’t alienate people too much…

Update: And just how is Minnesota more barren than New Mexico? Icy and shacky yes, but barren, no. Personally, I don’t feel enough crazy people have taken advantage of New Mexico’s offerings. I should fix that.
… but I don’t want to do any actual research, so if everyone will just send a poster-sized picture of yourself to me (along with several personal details and detailed maps), we can all do our part to see a crazy guy in New Mexico…

… oh, who am I kidding, I just want mail. *sigh* My magazine subscriptions ran out and I don’t want to pay real money for a renewal…


Do I agree with you pix?
much so.
Only I think
creative subliminal
are more
telling when convincing
some people that
usually do not
lead in the most
effective way sometimes.

*Whisper to Pix* “Do you see it?”

Rest assured, my
ecclectic friend,
Pix is on the scene,
undercover as usual,
but never is he
lack-luster when
comes to the truth.
And besides, I’ve
never really trusted free-
style poems. They always
did bother me.
Regardless, I must be
on my way. Hopefully
others won’t attack us
like usual. Ehh…

*whisper to Drew* “Something tells me even more people are going to be mad at us now…”

One of these days pix, I’ll do something so great that you can’t one-up it. *Shakes fist in air* Next post Prof. Pix! Next POOOOST!

ode to bill!

ode to bill: http://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=8713497&postID;=110066942797222017

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