Right is Relative to Left

Okay, North Americans drive on the right side of the road, right?I use right in the sense that it’s not left.

But here they drive on the left-hand side of the road. So if they don’t drive on the right side of the road, they must drive on the wrong side of the road, right?

I know I’m equivocating, but it’s just crazy getting used to looking Right THEN Left.

I can’t do it. I’ve worked myself down to right, then left, then right again, but I just keep thinking I’m going to be run over.

Knowing my luck, I’m going to get back to the states, step outside the airport and get run down by a bread truck.

(It’s funny, because I have good luck and I’d consider that turn of events to be fortunate, seeing as getting run over by a bread truck is my all-time favorite way to die)


  1. In London and other English cities they have the words “LOOK RIGHT” or “LOOK LEFT” on the street crossings. Just follow directions! I’d just look both ways anyway.

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