The score to beat is 2

91.  I am not competitive by nature.  By which I mean I am, I just win all the time, so I have to pretend I’m not.

My friend Frank came up with a fabulous thought experiment:

In a given month, what is the maximum number of days you could spend with someone you know before they start wearing on you?

I should probably say that I was second-highest on Frank’s list.  His live-in girlfriend rated 2 days.

I’m kidding, of course.  She was close to 30.

I thought about this list while I was writing to my friend in Australia.  I realized nobody would score a perfect 31 in my mind.  Not even myself.

Heck, if I spend more than five days around myself, I start going crazy.  And it’s now been 8,471 days and counting.  If I don’t get a day away from myself soon, I’m going to shoot myself.

What about you?  Who could you spend 31 days with?  Which friends wouldn’t even reach 10?


  1. I don’t think I could spend more than a 10 days with any of my friends without rubbing each other the wrong way. That’s not a negative testament to my friends though.

    I would have to ask what you mean by a “perfect 31” and what that entails.

    I would also argue that going that long without some sort of disagreement would be unhealthy. It means that one person is bottling up something while the other is stepping on said person.

    What say you Los?

  2. I agree that thinking you could spend 31 days in a row with a person is more of an insult than a compliment, but as far as insults go… it’s one of the least insulting.

  3. I went around England, Poland and Germany for three weeks with a good mate and we were still getting along fine by the end of 21 days, probably could have kept going.

    ‘Tis the benefit of being casual about everything.

    The negative is being so apathetic about doing the important things in life.

  4. Awesome thought experiment, good work Daniel! If I ever meet someone who scores the “perfect 31” or whatever you called it I’ll marry that person 🙂 Assuming it’s a guy…and that he’s cute 😀

  5. And on another note, many times you only win because you cheat…I mean seriously, who cheats against a seven year old?

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