Living Room

Welcome to Casa de Pixel

Okay, so not really. It’s actually Casa de Judy1, but she lets me stay here for $650 a month. So it’s really Cuarto de Pixel.2 But at least it has Muebles de Pixel.3

These pics are all taken from the posting which led me to rent this room, but I can attest to the veracity of the pictures. Here is the living room:

Living Room

Leather couches seem to be against my vegetarian principles, but with 600 channels, surround sound, and a flat screen TV to watch Jon Stewart on, it’s hard to care.


Did I mention that she stocks the refrigerator for free? So there’s free food galore.


I’m not sure why they took a picture of this shelf and not the desk immediately to the right…


I’ve never had my own queen-sized bed before. I slept in one once, but the manager told me I couldn’t come back to the store after that. The closest I’ve ever come to owning a bed was when my eX gave me an air-mattress as a joke. Well, I slept on it for a year, so I guess the joke’s on her! Ha!

Note: I am perfectly aware that the joke is still on me.

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