New Decade Resolutions

We’re turning a new leaf, folks. I remember ten years ago, I was a little kid who’d never so much as kissed a girl. I spent New Year’s with my mom’s older sister and her family. We danced and ate and had fun. At midnight, we drank wine and ate grapes. (Redundant? Who cares.) Then, an hour later I wandered around the block in Mexico city. I didn’t have resolutions or resolve. Now, at least I know I have one. But I didn’t make 10-year resolutions. And I wish that I had. That way I’d be able to feel disappointing to my past self. So I’m going to make some this decade.  Maybe in 2020 I’ll look back and laugh at how silly I was.  But if I do, then I will have at least kept the fifth resolution here:

  1. Get a Ph.D.
  2. Upload all of my archives (there’s…. a lot you guys aren’t privy to)
  3. Write a book/novel
  4. Publish something original
  5. Not die
  6. Have a successful relationship with another human
  7. Draw a comic book or at least a lot of comic strips
  8. Learn to play an instrument
  9. Stay in shape
  10. Have a job/career I’m happy with


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