My roommates are the worst!

“I’ve decided that the best way to live my life is to treat myself with the same basic decency with which I would treat complete strangers.”

– Mari A-H

My roommates are these two guys: Future Me and Past Me. I never actually get to see them, because their schedules tend to be as hectic as my own. Generally, I’m on good terms with Future Me– he seems to be on his way up in the world.  But Past Me is this jerk, you know? He doesn’t clean or make the bed or anything, and it really gets to me.

If I try to get back at him by doing the same thing to him that he does to me, it only hurts Future Me, because he ends up having to clean up after the both of us. I’ve tried talking to him about it, but I can never seem to get ahold of him. So Future Me is left not being able to distinguish between myself and Past Me.

Why do I even live with these guys? Because Past Me’s paid every month’s rent for a long time… and Future Me says he’s going to handle the rest from now on.

So I’m going to start eating better, being more courteous, and tidying up more often. Maybe then Future Me and I will have a better relationship. And maybe Past Me will learn by example.

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