Shutting my Trap

Damn. Now, according to the modified poll results, I should shut my trap. So I have. Now all of the poor rabbits I’d caught earlier this week are going to die a slow, shady death.

I kid, I kid. There’s not enough air in the traps for it to be slow.

Anyway, it amuses me that people come to my personal blog and ask me to not post anything. You don’t even have to come here! Ha ha. It’s amusing, really. I hope it was just one person trying to play a prank on me. Otherwise, there’s four people out there who don’t like my point of view (from the top). And that, ladies and gentlemen, is scary poot.

Who wouldn’t want to read this blog? My sentiments exactly.

About Pixel

Pixel Q. Styx refuses to talk about himself. If thou wishest, thou may infer from his blog what thou wishest.

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