Ode to Jenny

Dear Jenny Belle Werness,
Thank you for being such an excellent activist. Thank you for being so cute and possibly related to the head of the American Atheists that you won their scholarship. You’re probably going to spend that money on tuition, or fees, or books, or liquor, or perhaps just a giant bar of chocolate. Well, bully for you. Enjoy it while it lasts. Because I needed this scholarship, and now, thanks to you, I likely won’t have it. Now how am I going to pay for my International Student Exchange? Hopefully you have a plan, because I don’t. And you know what hurts the most? This quote:

“And so the scholarship applicants are chosen primarily on these aspects of activism. Did they bounce back from defeat, only to be victorious in a subsequent battle? Did they put a face on their activism, so people could see that the person behind the keyboard was a normal, likeable, and downright sensible person?”

Are they saying I’m a faceless, defeatist, abnormal, unlikeable, and unsensible person? Or am I reading too far into this? Perhaps I’m not reading far enough. I mean, this was for the 2004 scholarship and this year, if I’m correct, is 2005. Oh. Sorry Jenny. My bad. Disregard this message.


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