Stupid is as Stupid Scars


do you remember a few years ago when you were really really lonely and liz came to me asking if my friend carlos ‘liked her’ and I told her no, hehee that was funny and then do you remember falling into my house, cutting both your wrist, well I figured now that its been a few years I would tell you that I found the keys in my pocket on my way to the door

ps Guess who has sugar in their gas tank?

Yeah, my friends are awesome.
A few notes: I’m always really, really lonely, our friend liz is this cute, beautiful goth girl (who may or may not be a lesbian), and the event in question happened one night when we were trying to get into his house in the middle of the night without keys. I, being a douche-headed dorkmangus, inevitably messed it up and ended up breaking his bedroom window in a vain attempt to slide it open.
The glass shards cut through my wrists like butter and as I was bleeding profusely, my noble friend Frank ran up, took off his favorite shirt… and then put it back on and asked me to take off my shirt (which was admittedly much dumpier than his ‘Ghostbusters’ shirt). He tore my shirt in half and carefully wraped each half around one of my wrists.
Then we ran my wrists through alternately hot and cold water. He tried to talk me out of going to the hospital, but I demanded it. Unfortunately, since I had messed up wrists, he drove my car instead.
This was my first car, which at the time had terrible windshield wipers (it was raining), little to no effective brakes (the roads were slick), and the exhaust was bent so that it was rubbing up against the fuel tank (interestingly enough, from an earlier excursion to take me to the hospital).
When we finally made it, because I was 16 at the time, they could not give me any stitches, so instead they just taped it together all half-assed and sent me home. I still have the scars.. If I’m feeling particularly morbid one night, I might post them.

– Πιξ


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