Where does it say ’star inset?’

How to ruin a first date

My friend Alethea and I were trying to come up with things an otherwise attractive person could say or do to completely make them undateable. Let’s watch:

  • Can we wrap this up soon? My mom wants me home by eight.
  • Do you mind if my ex-wife comes to dinner with us? She wants to approve everyone I date.
  • Sorry I keep going to the restroom, I have explosive diarrhea… it’s chronic.
  • I like to go to parks and watch children playing. They’re so excited that it’s relaxing to me… relaxing and exotic.
  • I only date chicks that do anal.
  • Yes, we’ll have the merlot– wait, do you put out on the first date? No, I didn’t think so. No, we’ll just have water then.
  • I made the reservations in your name because I didn’t want them to spit in our food after the scene I made here last time.
  • Wow, I must really like you: my HerpeAIDS is flaring up more than usual.
  • I’m not unemployed because I’m an ex-con, I’m unemployed because I don’t mind being on welfare.
  • So… how do you feel about polygamy?
  • You wanna go out again? This is really going to make my wife jealous.


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