Gabe the Test-Taking Techie

Dear Gabe,

How do you deal with Midterms? I know when it comes to the bottom line, I usually choke.

—Joe Frosch

Dear Joe,

It’s no secret that midterms are tough. It’s extremely hard to sink your teeth into them. Especially when you’re a beaver, like my girlfriend Clara.* What I usually do is take the tests one at a time and organize as many study groups as possible. Study groups keep you honest. Plus, you can steal other, smarter, people’s notes.

*Quit thinking that, you pervert!

Dear Gabe,

You’re going out with another dam-builder? How cute.

—Joe Setup

Dear Joe,

What do you mean?


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It’s the only thing that keeps him from gnawing off his hands

“Remember kids!

If it dangles, punch a hole in it!”

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