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How the future has failed

Hi, it’s me again: Pixel at age 10. I’m really angry at you all, because there is no flying cars and you guys have had YEARS to make them. Years.

There’s more reasons you have failed. Let me list them. Here is the list:

  1. No laser guns. Lasers already exist, and should have been converted into guns in 2000. Future fails = is lame.
  2. There is a war? Who in the world would agree to that? Wars are bad, they should have stopped as soon as you guys stopped being the present and became the future. Why didn’t that happen? This is lame.
    Also, didn’t we already go to war in Iraq? Or maybe I’m thinking of Germany. Am I thinking of Germany?
  3. Teleportation not yet invented. They had the models already ready from Star Trek! How hard could it be to imitate those?
  4. Very few aliens. I don’t know who to blame for that, but it is very lame.
  5. Space travel is minimal. What happened? We’ve been to the moon. America won. Why not have a chicken contest to see which country can get closest to the sun? Lame.

Some good things about the future:

  1. More McDonald’s and Wal-Marts. Those are good and fun.
  2. People can talk to other people even if they are walking around the street… without using a pay phone.
  3. Computers are everywhere.
  4. Movies come in metallic circles. Very futuristic.
  5. TVs can be flat.

Overall, I give the future an F minus. With extra-credit, maybe the future can get an F.

Thanks for reading me. I wrote this. Therefore, I am the best.

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